The MET’s Public street campus was buzzing with excitement on Wednesday April 10th with the Annual Business Plan Competition. Students from the Met’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation pitched their ideas to a panel of local and national entrepreneurs for a chance
at earning start-up funds.


Senior, Laura Martinelli, won the event earning $900 toward her business EHFAR Films which creates promotional videos for small businesses. Among the other winners were the following student businesses:

  • Alex Rogers, a high school junior, won $200 for A Green World After All which makes “green” detergents.
  • Valentin Taveras, a high school sophomore, won $200 for Restorations For You providing shoe repair kits.
  • Christian Rijos, a high school freshman, won $500 for a healthcare innovation.
  • Yoel Langomas, a high school sophomore, won $350 for Y.L Print providing print advertising services.
  • Jazlin Valez, a high school junior, won $350 for Jolivia which makes artisan skin care products.
  • Erick Francisco, a high school Junior, won $360 for Third Sky providing fashion inspired by hospitalized children.
  • Kevin Sock, a high school junior, won $500 for OUCH that Bytes which provides computer repair services.
  • David Delanos and Elton Goncalves won $500 for bicycle sales and repairs at Full Cycle.

The students will continue their hard work as they use their funds to start their businesses.

A special thank you goes out to the judges present at the competition:

Michael Time, M.D., CEO, Time Entrepreneurship Foundation, Giovanni Feroce, CEO, Alex and Ani, Dr. Barrett Hazeltine, Professor Emeritus, Brown University, Kelly Ramirez, CEO, Social Venture Partnerships Rhode Island, and Jennifer Schwall, Cherrystone Angel Group.