The MET is a network of six small, public high schools located in Providence and Newport, Rhode Island. With high standards and strong family engagement, the MET’s individualized learning approach has proven successful in unlocking students’ passion for learning.  The MET empowers its students to take charge of their learning, to become responsible citizens and life-long learners.  The hallmarks of a MET education include internships, individual learning plans, advisory, and a breakthrough college transition program.

Advisors work with mentors, parents and students to build a personalized curriculum around the students’ interests, searching out professionals in the community to pursue those interests in the real-world.  Once at a site, students develop a rigorous project that they can work on with their mentor and back at school with their advisor.  These projects become the foundation for the student’s learning plan and provide opportunities for the student to explore and master content, skills, and reasoning. 

The MET is more than the community in Rhode Island; it is the flagship school of Big Picture Learning, a model for 100 schools across the country and around the world. It is the leader in school reform and is consistently identified by a sweeping range of education leaders as one of the most effective models in the country. 


To educate and empower youth through relentless commitment to student-centered learning and personal growth.


To lead vital change in education and impact our community by producing skilled graduates, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens who enjoy their life and work.

Core Values

Care and safety

The MET is a state funded public school district and our educators are certified teachers committed to doing what’s best for kids.