The mission of The Met’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to cultivate, encourage, and support new entrepreneurs in the spirit of innovation.

The Met’s Entrepreneurship 360 (E360) course is a 60-hour program for students, supported by NFTE, during which they learn about concepts and the skills necessary to create and design a business. Then, as a culminating piece, students write a business plan. Students in The Met’s E360 program learn and/or sharpen their skills in the areas of work ethic, self-motivation, determination, confidence, perseverance and the ability to take measured risk. Presently there are two classes of 15 students taught by Woodruff and Daugherty. The classes meet three days a week, 2 hours a day for 15 weeks, and cover all aspects of starting a business using NFTE’s curriculum. In addition, students participate in Business Plan Competitions which reflect how real-world learning ignites student passion, learning and success. “We connect our students to entrepreneurs, and through E 360 they develop the tools they need to be innovators and entrepreneurs in the 21st century” says Dennis Littky. Successful business plan competition students are funded and advance to E Ventures which consists of two hour workshops each week where students work with coaches and mentors to advance their business concepts.


  • In October 2011, two Met students took 3rd place in the Boston’s Startup Weekend, a business plan competition. They competed against 40 teams of students from Babson College, Olin College and Boston University and were the only high school students competing
  • Three of top four awards at the 2011 NFTE Regional Business Plan Competitions were won by Met students – more than 1,500 students competed
  • Two Met student business plans (out of 20,000 submitted) advanced to the 2011 NFTE national competition
    • One of these student business plans won 3rd place at the 2011 national competition
  • Ernst & Young chose an E 360 student as New England’s Youth Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Math scores for E 360 students have increased each year
  • Students have participated in seven  business start-up competitions
  • Four school owned, student run businesses have been established
  • Sixteen student owned, student run companies have been started
  • Entrepreneurship educators from 10 states and 5 countries have participated in the program
  • A weekly entrepreneur speaker series was started and reached over 700 students
  • More than 25 mentors work with students; many of them former business plan competition judges and classroom speakers
  • Partnerships include: Social Ventures Partners, NFTE, Bryant University, Johnson & Wales, Brown University and Babson College